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Xtreme Children’s Church is a high-energy Sunday experience that engages preschool and elementary age children in a fun-filled, truth-driven community that intentionally helps them Meet God.  Our hope is that all will make a decision to trust Jesus as their Lord and Savior. We will be equipped with our 4 God statements:

  1. God Created Me - He is the creator and in Charge.
  2. God Wants to be My Friend - I can have a personal relationship with Him.
  3. God Loves Me - God loves me with a never-ending Love.
  4. God Wants Me to Grow - He wants me to build a stronger relationship with Him. 

Meet the Zion Woodbridge Xtreme Team.

Volunteers and Kidz


We Are Obedient

to the responsibility as a church to equip the next generation spiritually.  We prioritize all children especially those who are lost, lonely, hurting and in need of a tangible example of God's love in their lives. -- Matthew 18:4-5

We Are Servants

who are passionate about our responsibility as expressed in the great commission to make disciples.  We want to see all children Meet God, Grow closer to Him, and Serve Him.                   -- Matthew 28:19


We Are Striving

to develop Character, Competence, and Community to better service our peers and parishioners.  We understand the impact our relationship with God has on those we serve and those we serve with.  -- John 10:27b

Frequently Asked Questions

1. How old must my child be to attend Xtreme Children’s Church at Zion Woodbridge?
The starting age for children at Zion Woodbridge is 3 years old. Children transition out of Xtreme once they enter the 6th grade.

2. Do you perform background checks on your volunteers?                                                                                                                    All Xtreme personnel are required to go through a background check process, prior to serving with our ministry.

3. How does my child register for Xtreme?
Whether your child is a first time visitor of Xtreme or a regular attender completely fill out, and submit our Registration Form. This will enter your child into our system, providing an extra level of security. This will also expedite the weekly check-in experience.

4. Do you allow children to bring in outside toys and electronic devices?
Outside toys and electronics are not allowed. We would hate for a favorite toy or device to end up missing, so we ask all parents to hold on to these prior to admittance into Xtreme.