Welcome to Zion Life Groups! We look forward to helping you Meet God, Grow Closer to Him, and Serve Him through small group community. Thank you for allowing us to be a part of your personal spiritual development journey.


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How Do Life Groups Make a Difference? 

Small group has meant a safe place for this handful of God’s men to feel safe about opening up. Small group has been a place where there is no judgment. It has been a place of refuge, encouragement, accountability, and openness. 

Derek Brooks, small group leader

Being in a women's small group and studying the bible together has really strengthened my walk with God. My sisters encourage me to pray more in seeking God's guidance and His ways and purpose for my life. I see God in every one of these women. I feel being in a small group has brought me closer to God and has motivated me to study, pray, and learn to be led by God on a daily basis. I am so grateful and feel so blessed for these women in my group and I see the growth that each of us are making in our walk with God.

-Patricia McCloud, small group participant 

Life Groups are a place for you to:

  • Grow closer to God...by studying biblical truths
  • Grow closer to others...by building friendships, praying for one another, and encouraging others while personally growing as a disciple of Christ.
  • Grow to become more like Christ...by applying biblical truths to every area of life, learning to follow Christ, and teaching others to do the same.