At Zion we serve the community out of a growing relationship with God. Our desire is for the community and world to know that we're aware, we care and we're there. As a result we sponsor outreach opportunities throughout the year.

Zion has embraced the heart of service that involves a genuine commitment to the care and wellbeing of others. We seek to demonstrate God’s love through local outreach and global mission efforts with the goal of making a lasting imprint in the lives of HIS people.

Our current outreach and mission service includes providing food, clothing, shelter, educational support, medical care, and facilitating leadership and discipleship trainings. This work is made possible through the relationships with our partners in New Orleans, Kenya, Haiti and the Dominican Republic.  

Through the opportunities of Outreach and Missions at Zion Church we are able to show love and care for people in a tangible way. This is consistent with the example that Jesus provided throughout the scriptures as he healed the sick, fed the hungry and modeled what it looked like to develop leaders and disciples that were better equipped to further advance God’s Kingdom.  With the goal of being the hands and feet of God, Missionary work allows us to witness throughout the world as Jesus declared in Acts 1:8.  Each year our members have a chance to join our Missionsteams. They are transformed while helping to transform the lives of others!



Your giving is making a difference! Thank you for your support.

Our missions organization sends and support missionaries in the following areas:
Haiti, Kenya, Dominican Republic, South Africa, United Kingdom, and the Ukraine.

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